Eyewhat News?

I just saw that our local news team is called the "Eyewatch News." I guess this is kind of the regional version of Eyewitness News, except that, well, Eyewitness News is a pretty good name for a news team -- you know, they're out there actually witnessing the events that make the news, or interviewing those who did witness them -- while, on the other hand, Eyewatch News makes no sense whatsoever. Are they trying to say they watch the news with their eyes? Well, what else would they watch it with? Or is it that what they watch to get the news is eyes?

Well, at least it sounds a bit like the name of a real news programme.


  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    In "Breakfast of Champions" Kilgore Trout hitched a ride aboard a truck owned by a trucking company called "Pyramid."

    He asked the driver: "Why would anybody in the business of highspeed transportation name his business and his trucks after buildings which haven't moved an eighth of an inch since Christ was born?"

    The driver's peevish reply: "He liked the sound of it [...] don't you like the sound of it?"

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