Way to Go, Deb!

On Weather.com today, I found:
"Tropical Storm Debby has become better organized over the far eastern Atlantic Ocean early this morning."

That's good. The way things had been, her checkbook was in one drawer, her ledger in another, she was missing appointments all the time, she could never find her keys -- it was time for a change.

And, it strikes me that we're not very far through the alphabet in naming storms, for late August, are we? The low level of hurricane activity must be due to global warming. Oh, and so is my recent flautulence.


  1. I mentioned to someone that the dearth of hurricane activity this year is proof that global warming died over the winter. Can you believe he wouldn't accept that as plausible?

  2. Jeez, Margaret, that's because it actually proves that global warming is real! Every weather phenomenon whatsoever, in fact, offers us proof of global warming.


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