2 Legit 2 Quit

Invariably when I write an article involving international trade, someone emails me (or comments on the Mises blog) to the effect that, "If you'd leave your tenured job and work in the private sector like the rest of us, maybe you'd understand the threat from China."

In response to the latest such email, I just asked, "Does it matter that I'm currently unemployed?"

After this revelation concerning my position, the guy now thinks outsourcing is good, since my articles are unbiased after all.

(Ha ha one of the sentences above is false--can you guess which one?)


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I like trading with China for my own biased reasons. I'm American by default; it's just the best game going for now, I'd shop it for a better deal any time.

    Since I'm in America, I need people to clean my laundry, change my oil and prepare my food. By shifting the high-paying manufacturing jobs overseas, this keep the low-skilled service sector adequately staffed. The kicker is all the cheap plastic crap I can get with my Kid's Meals.

    The system works!

  2. Woody, you're just so touchy-feely!


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