And Lilla is pretty funny as well

"Nationally elected officials in the weaker states, hoping to stay in office while having to impose austerity, point to the Germans; the Germans shift blame to the EU solvency rules. The EU then points to the omniscient financial markets, which refer you to American bond-rating agencies, which are staffed by MBAs working in cubicles who have become, faute de mieux, the new sovereigns of Europe."

See two posts ago for link.


  1. a really great article, even though i have a number of disagreements.

    he is an entertaining writer. thoroughly enjoyed that.

    1. I don't agree with everything in the article either. But yes, great writer.

    2. It's interesting because he makes some vapid over arching statements regarding libertarianism and its impacts that I found to be straw men but then provides some great analysis that I agree with.

      I fou d myself getting worked up only for him to talk me back from the ledge when he dove in. Really highlighted to me being careful with labels. They mean different things to everyone


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