The Mysteries of LinkedIn

I get friend suggestions from LinkedIn. Many of the suggestions are people who are linked to someone to whom I am linked. Fair enough.

But other recommendations are for people with whom I have no mutual connections, and often no seeming rational for why LinkedIn has come up with that person as a suggestion. For instance, today I was presented with an office manager in San Jose, California, as "Someone you might know." Well, might, sure, but how did LinkedIn come up with this person? Do they just throw up a certain number of random people?


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Certainly, you probably never crossed paths with them in the real world, but you might've in the world of the internet. Perhaps they commented on your blog , or perhaps they called your phone in error; it's all on record and a part of how today's marketing works (there is no avenue of communication today that does not leave a trail, no matter what medium).


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