One of the stupidest human activities on prominent display?

I just saw two TV announcers mocking how silly the fashions they wore 20 years ago look now.

But of course they are both still slaves to fashion. And what's more they think that what they're wearing on TV today is perfect and beyond reproach, because it is "current"!

Do they really not realize that in another 20 years there will be some other announcers on TV mocking how stupid what they are wearing today looks? This summer they will be wearing orange, because "orange is this summer's black," and announcers of the future will be ridiculing them for their ridiculous color choice.


  1. That's something that always nags at me: why isthere this consistent, predictable tendency to view fashions from N years ago as goofy? Under what conditions would we not do that? I imagine extreme or pre-industrial poverty, where no one cares for differential ornamentation.

    1. I think it helps keep the fashion wheel turning: you can't wear that goofy jacket from 10 years ago! You need to get a new, non-goofy (for now) jacket!

    2. Ornamentation is common even in poor pre industrial society. Iroquois, renaissance Florence, Viking settlements, Celtic settlements, ancient Egypt. Need I go on?

    3. No, Ken, please don't go on, since my post was not a complaint against ornamentation, but against mocking last year's ornamentation as dumb.


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