Doing away with metaphysics

Every time I hear someone suggest the above, it turns out that they actually have a materialist metaphysics. But they don't have any way of defending it, so what they really want to do is to declare out of bounds all discussion of metaphysics, and just assume materialism.


  1. That reminds me of the great french Constitutional Lawer, Léon Duguit. His motto and basis of his work was just that, doing away with metaphysics.

    Willing to found Law on facts, he ended up with the necessity of Social Solidarity. His thought is very interesting, and we could say, but Duguit wouldn't aknowledgethat, that he rebuilt traditional Natural Law, only his social order would be without God.

    But I still don't understand why his fact of social solidarity should oblige the conscience.

    By the way, his only disciple, Roger Bonnard, supported Pétain and his Révolution nationale (which is not meant to discredit neither Duguit) after 1940.


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