Overthrowing Saddam

I think the people who cooked up the idea hadn't read quite enough Hobbes, don't you?


  1. Yes, indeed. Speaking of Hobbes, Gene, I was thinking about you when I wrote this:


  2. Kevin, are you in Montreal this weekend?

  3. No. I'm an idiot: I didn't realize I now need a passport to go to Canada until a colleague informed me last week. There's no way I could get one in time. I was really looking forward to it: I have a paper arguing that Smith, pace received opinion, was not an ethical subjectivist; that, influenced by Hume but not persuaded, he put the old wine of a traditonal non-subjectivist ethics in a Humean sentimentalist bottle.

    1. My friend heard two people talking on the subway:
      1: You need a passport to go to Canada?!
      2: Yes, they treat it as if it's a separate country.

    2. David Hume was an ethical subjectivist? I think he was a meta-ethical non-cognitivist, but I don't know how this might imply subjectivism.

  4. Samson: I should have been more careful here. In the paper, I use " subjectivist," perhaps solecistically, to mean either expressivist theories, or theories that make ethical truths just truths about what we approve. So I put Hume on the Euthypro side of the debate with Socrates.


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