Evil Mastermind / Completely Incompetent Moron

Scott Adams has been saying that anti-Trumps will soon be swinging from "Trump is Hitler" to "Trump is incompetent."

He is behind the times. Last week I actually listened to two progressives alternate between saying how terrifying Trump is because he is an evil mastermind who is going to establish an authoritarian dictatorship in the US, and saying how laughable he is is because he is such a stupid, incompetent boob, literally between one sentence and the next. And the two views kept alternating for a good five minutes.


  1. It's easy for them to have it both ways. If an action is competent and devious, it was due to Bannon's influence. If it's incompetent, it was Trump or some incompetent member of his cabinet.

  2. Never seen Todd and the Book of Pure Evil? Missed a good one. It always came with stupidity.

  3. There does seem to be a degree to which authoritarianism and incompetence -- or else irrationality of program -- are linked.

    Regime does X (for example, imposes state socialism) to accomplish Y (for example, general prosperity).

    Y is not accomplished.

    Instead of concluding that X will not accomplish Y, regime sends the secret police out to arrest everyone who, by saying that X wouldn't accomplish Y, stopped X from accomplishing Y.

    Y is still not accomplished. Regimes sends the secret police out to arrest everyone who may have at some point been friendly with those who, by saying that X wouldn't accomplish Y, stopped X from accomplishing Y.

    And so on and so forth.

    If Trump gets his way on immigration and trade, we'll find out from his reaction to the consequent cratering of the American economy whether he's just an authoritarian and is capable of learning, or whether he's an authoritarian and an idiot too.

  4. And if Knapp gets his way and yet another terrorist group gets into this country and blows up more of our skyscrapers, we'll find out if he's a merely a moron or an idiot, too!

    1. The next immigration law that prevents a terrorist attack will be the first immigration law that prevents a terrorist attack.

    2. The fact is, Thomas, you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how many terrorist attacks immigration laws have stopped, be it 0 or 20,000,000: because they didn't happen!

      How many thefts did laws against stealing prevent today? What a ridiculous question!


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