Phony-Baloney Progressive Outrage

The NBA has announced that it might deny the state of Texas the possibility of hosting future All-Star games if the democratically elected legislature of the state passes a bill stating that men should use the men's bathroom, and women should use the women's bathroom. Apparently, this is a "human rights violation."

This is the same NBA that goes out of its way to play several games a year in China, a country that regularly employs slave labor in its factories.


  1. It isn't too surprising they might be as concerned with direction as much as position.

    1. Hey Lord, I've got one neighbor who is thinking of signing a contract with my company worth millions. He beats his wife regularly, but hey, he's done so for years! However, my other neighbor, who will have no impact on my finances no matter what, spoke a bit harshly to his wife last week, for the first time ever. Now HIM, I'm going to boycott! You see, I'm "more concerned with direction than position"!

    2. Really, Lord, I swear, the contract has nothing to do with it.

      Oh, and the NBA just called: they want to know if you'd like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge from them.

  2. I assume men can use either bathroom in China, without consequence.


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