The terribleness of some big company searches

I just watched "Recursion Tree Method: Part 1" on YouTube.

It is recommending dozens of other videos to me on the basis of their being similar to this one.

Conspicuously absent is "Recursion Tree Method: Part 2." ("Recursion Tree Method: Part 3" is there, however!)

This is very common: YouTube seems to have no concept that an ordered series of videos ought to be presented to the viewer in order.

Netflix often puts on "Recommended for you" something I have already watched, and it "knows" I have watched, because if I choose if the episodes are all checked off as having been viewed. Sometimes, the recommendation is for something I watched just a day or two beforehand.


  1. In fairness the difficulty is recognizing that part 2 follows part 1. You might naively assume this is easy, but as you noted on the Progressive Morality thread this natural progression is frequently denied.

  2. How is it supposed to have any concept of order?

    1. Well, if *I* were writing the program, I might try using the "Part 1," "Part 2," "Part 3," etc in the video names as a clue to the order.


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