Is this really an appropriate chant?

I want out into the plaza outside my office. There was a group of trainee emergency medical technicians jogging in formation around the plaza.  As they did so, they chanted in unison:

Who are we?
Future EMT
Get out the way
Else you'll D-I-E

Is it consistent with the job of an EMT to threaten people with death for blocking your jogging path?


  1. Only you would consider this a threat rather than a warning.

    1. Only you would consider an off-hand joke an apt opportunity to insult your host here.

      And by the way, a "warning" of some future action I will do to cause you harm IS a threat, numb-balls.

  2. A good business model provides for future demand.

  3. Naturally, if they understood all the intricacies such as what you pointed out here, they would already be EMTs, not future EMTs. What do you think they spend all day teaching them in EMT school?

  4. I think it's hilarious.


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