Liberal "tolerance" on display

Two exhibits:

1) Samuel Hammond correctly recognizes that both major US parties have been liberal parties, but is severely distressed that we may now be seeing a non-liberal party competing with a liberal party. Liberals are all for "diversity," by which they mean, "All slightly different liberal voices should be heard!" They most certainly do not mean that it is acceptable to voice non-liberal views!

2) The International Olympic Committee threatens to move the Olympic golf competition if a Japanese golf club won't cave to liberal pressure and admit women as full members. Liberals are all in favor of "multiculturalism"... just so long as every one of the "diverse" cultures moves in complete lockstep with the latest liberal standards, which are subject to routine updating. (E.g., in 2008, both Obama and Clinton opposed gay marriage. That was fine. But once the NY Times et al. declared it not fine, suddenly, any person, group, or nation who opposed gay marriage was a hate-filled bigot.)

UPDATE: Thanks to Bharat, we can add this lovely piece to our collection.


  1. Haha, Dr. Callahan, did you see this one as well? The Left has gone completely psycho.


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