Sunday, February 11, 2007

Animal Training Regimens

(The end of a long conversation about training cats and dogs)
C: I want to punish them.
W: You mean you would rather use punishment than reward?
C: Yes.
W: Reward works better.
C: Punishment is all I know. It's how I was raised.


  1. Wabulon, take an old pop cain, fill it with coins and tape the top. Every time this C character is going to hit his dog or talks about hitting his dog, shake the can by his ear.

  2. "an old pop cain"

    Is this a Joycean illusion to one half of the primordial pair of warring brothers?

  3. It was indeed a Joycean "illusion." It only appeared to be a mistake.

  4. Avast! I am hoist on my own petard!

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