He's Come Undone...

Paul Craig Roberts has finally gone over the edge. Up till now he's been very careful to hedge his claims, saying (in his piece co-authored with economic whiz Chuck Schumer) things like, "Of course old-fashioned protectionism isn't the answer."

But now he's finally admitted that being anti-free-trade is the same thing as being pro-protectionism. (Kinda like how Pat Buchanan went from being anti-NAFTA to anti-free trade.) The best quote:

Economists need to inject some realism into their dogmas. The U.S. economy did not develop on the basis of free trade. Whatever the costs of protection, the costs did not prevent America's economic rise.


  1. Philosophers front and center: Is anti-evil the same as pro-good? No, I really would appreciate some help with this. Bad analogy, not to be invoked: terpartition, viz.: antipositive is not the same as pronegative because of zero.


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