It's a Snake! No, It's a Rope!

Listening to news stories on the radio, I sometimes feel like one of the blind men who's trying to figure out he's next to an elephant by touching just the trunk or tail. They have so little time for each story that they leave a lot out.

Like today, I hear about some seal that traveled from Canada to New Jersey. (Left out was how anyone knew the seal had done that.) Then, last night, it was killed by a car while crossing the road in Jersey. The announcer concluded, "Police are investingating to make sure it really was an accident."

Say what?! They think it might have been planned? "Yo, Frankie, this is Tony di Salva. We hear da seal gonna be crossing 9th St. about half past six. You know what to do, Frankie -- make sure he don't talk!"


  1. the A mon8:42 AM

    How is it so that there is suddenly a 9th street in New Jersey?

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