Life Is a Highway?

Our son is addicted to the movie Cars (it's good, btw), and now the song "Life Is a Highway" is stuck in my head. I realize the churlishness of analyzing a pop song's lyrics, but even so:

Life is a highway /
I want to ride it all - night - long.

Okay, so does that mean the singer wishes to die by daybreak?

"No!" you say. "What he means is, he wants to take life by the horns, to live on the edge, to rush at life with enthusiasm etc."

Well OK, if the way one drives on the "highway" represents one's approach to life, then isn't the philosophy suggested extremely bad? Isn't that what every wise person warns against, namely rushing through life without taking time to (in the analogy) get off frequently and explore the various towns along the way?


  1. Did you miss the sexual suggestion in the phrase, "I want to ride it all night long?"

  2. I think he means he's getting on the train in the morning.

  3. Back when, if you got off the highway in East Germany on the way to Berlin and they caught you, they fined you 200 marks on the spot. And put you back on the highway.

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