Bottle of Red / Bottle of White

A few days ago my wife and I went to see Billy Joel. He was GREAT. I've always been a fan, but even putting that aside, he put on a terrific show. His song arrangement was perfect, starting with ones like Allentown, building up into bigger hits, then getting the crowd on their feet with River of Dreams (or whatever the title of that song is), then doing all rock (for Billy Joel) songs like Big Shot, and finally doing encore performance of Scenes from an Italian Restaurant and then, of course, Piano Man.

He's a cool guy, too. Lot of self-deprecating jokes in the beginning (e.g. referring to his age: "It's not about having less hair, it's about getting more head"), shaking his head wryly at the Vanderbilt students in the front row cheering when he'd announce a song from a 1971 album, and all kinds of energy. His voice is still great in the lower ranges. I.e. he didn't try to hit the very highest notes of the songs he picked, and he avoided impossible songs from the Innocent Man album.

So basically, if he is touring near you, and you always liked Billy Joel, you will definitely love this concert.


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