The Farce of Customer Service

I called my insurance company yesterday because their website didn't sort local providers according to whether they were independent or part of a larger practice. After I told her what I wanted, the lady put me on hold for a minute or so and then came back. She gave me 3 doctors, then added that she couldn't tell if they satisfied the criterion. She mentioned that if I wanted to see other names besides the 3, that I could try their website.

"Oh, well I already tried the website before calling you guys," I explained. "But it didn't list the information I needed."

"Well, all I have access to here is what's on the website," she said. After I said I had no further questions, she asked, "Thank you Mr. Murphy, have I addressed all of your insurance needs today?"

Isn't that absurd? She knew full well that she didn't help me with the one thing I had called about.

What's even more ridiculous is that I said, "Yes."


  1. Indeed that's absurd, but are you by any chance a Verizon Wireless customer?

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