Profit from the Mispellings of Others

(Before you pounce on my ironic "mistake" give me the benefit of the doubt.)

This is pretty neat.


  1. That screen that said "Loading page" for five minutes was really cool.

  2. Watchoo talkin bout, Willis?

  3. Gene, you have to look at that screen in a special way: look in the direction of the phrase, but look through it as opposed to at it, and let your eyes sort of go off on their own. You will see the entire corpus of written human literature, and if you do this for a while with a pure heart, you will understand all that you see, even in languages that you see for the first time. Note that this vision will include the literature that has not yet come to be, in the languages that have not yet been written to carry human thought.

  4. At first, all I saw (and all I see today) is a screen that says "EBoosBoos / Loading Page..."

    But now I have viewed it as per the adavice of my master, Wabulon... and it is pretty neat, seen that way.

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