Michael Crichton Speech on Science

This is another bit of history that passed me by at the time. Anyway, Michael Crichton's speech on global warming and other politicized science is fantastic. The beginning is OK, standard stuff, but then it gets really good.


  1. Great speech. I think he derides speculation too much, but he's right that as far as science is concerned, testing is everything. That's why these morphogenetic field theories, string theory, neo-Darwinism, etc. are so fruitless in the context of good old fashioned scientific inquiry. Building models is fun, but it's merely that unless you can test it against reality.

    By the way, Bob, you know your articles are no longer on lewrockwell.com? Is there a reason for that or is that some computer glich? I hope you didn't piss of Lew Rockwell, you don't want him on your bad side. He knows people.

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