Armentano on UFOs

I tried to think of an antitrust pun but nothing worked. ("DT doesn't trust the feds on Martians!" Ugh.) Anyway, here is the piece that got him fired from Cato. I have held all sorts of crazy views over the years, so I certainly don't think any less of Armentano for writing this. In fact, since he knows how crazy it sounds, I really respect him.

But it probably helps that he's retired from teaching and presumably can afford to get fired.

CORRECTION: Gene is right, upon further review, it was wrong for me to use the verb "fired." I think I picked that up from the LRC blogger where I stole this from. (Cosmic justice, I guess: I hadn't given a hat tip because I forgot, and so now I won't mention the person who misled me.) And just to clarify, I am not condemning Cato's decision necessarily. The point of my blog post was to praise Armentano for writing something that would make people roll their eyes.


  1. I don't think "adjunct scholar" is a paid position or one that requires doing anything, so I don't think you can get "fired" from it.

    Armentano probably could have avoided all problems by not explicitly dragging CATO into the picture to lend authority to his piece. (He is also an adjunct scholar at the Mises Institute, but he chose to cite CATO in his bio blurb.)

  2. I read Armentano's follow-up piece, and he says "dropped," not "fired" -- more accurate, I think.

    But he also cries "censorship"! Aren't we free-market types supposed to clearly distinguish between censorship -- the government bans my writing -- and private freedom of association -- you can write that, but than we're going to drop you as an associate?

  3. Brian N.10:38 AM

    Mr. Callahan, why do you capitalize all the letters in Cato?

  4. Aren't they the brother of NATO?

  5. Brian N.6:57 AM

    Cato, NATO, Stato, salad, salaad, dad diddley office, the near sight of the mere size of him...I guess it is all the same...

  6. Let me clear up some misunderstandings. First, the op/ed editor of the Press Journal included my Cato byline, not me. (I frequently write public policy op/eds in that newspaper with that byline). I never saw the piece prior to publication. Second, the word "censorship" in the title is, again, the newspaper's, not mine. As most of us know, authors almost never get their own titles included. I never claimed that Cato "censored" me,but only that they dropped me for writing in a sensitive public policy area. (Ed Crane, by the way, has since apologized for the way I was terminated). Finally, for those who think that this is NOT a public policy issue, or that the entire subject (UFO secrecy) is a joke, do yourself a favor and read historian Richard Dolan's "UFOs and the National Security State" (Hampton Roads, 2002). If you still think that what I argue in those op/eds is "silly" after reading Dolan, then you have a problem that I can't fix.

    Dom Armentano
    Vero Beach, Florida 32963

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