Hating Moslems

If anybody doubts for a second that a lot of the remaining support for the "War on Terror" is driven by hatred of Moslems, just go look at wingnut comment threads, like this one. Harvard just announced female only gym hours, based on the fact Moslem women complained that they did not like exposing themselves to men while wearing gym clothing. It's only six hours per week -- seems pretty reasonable to me. But the crowd at LGF sees it as a final barrier to the defeat of the West falling. A few samples:

"Next, they plan to have a "bomber vest" making class, and then a "decapitations: the right and wrong way to kill a jew" seminar."

Yup,, cause, you know, asking for some privacy while you work out is just like killing Jews, isn't it?

"Harvard welcomes their new Muslim overlords!"

"Islam is a perfidious pigsh*t cult."

Nice, huh?

And, as Thoreau points out at UO, Christian women have been asking for such separate hours for years -- I bet that never got the LGF people in a tizzy.


  1. I thought the Moslem women already conquered The West(TM) by wearing headscarves.

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    So do the gay men get special gym hours?
    And what about the lesbians and the
    trans-gender folks? Seems reasonable,
    right? And the Buddhists? Won't they
    be offended by the sweaty hetero men and
    the semi-naked trans-gender gay females
    who get the gym between 10 and 11?
    I hate to use the "where will it stop"
    argument, but I think it applies here.

  3. Wow, anon, that argument is crushing. It's just like, if we did something atrocious such as have separate dorms for men and women, or separate bathrooms for men and women, next thing we'd have to have a separate bathroom for Buddhists! That's why, thank God, we never went down that road!

    Or maybe you just don't like Moslems.

  4. Anonymous2:43 PM

    No seriously Gene, why do Moslem
    women get special gym hours?

    It's a public place (within that school)
    and it has certain hours and codes of
    conduct. If you don't like them don't
    go there. Sure, you can try to change
    them to suite your sub-group, fair enough, but then
    you have to allow any sub-group
    to have their special hours, right?

    The men-woman difference is planet wide. The cultural dress code difference is not and it belongs to a small minority in this country.

    Why do Moslem women get special gym hours? How their request different
    from the nudist asking for special gym

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    And why haven't the Christian woman got
    their special hours?

  6. No, anonymous, Moslem women do not get separate gym hours. Women get separate gym hours, women of any religion whatsoever. And, as you said, that difference is worldwide.

  7. Why do the communicants at the nearby Christian churches get to park on the Valencia median on Sunday, but nobody else does, ever?

  8. Ok, I missed that it was all women, not
    just Moslem women, who go the
    special gym hours. why are we even talking
    about this then?

  9. "why are we even talking about this then?"

    Clearly a victim of dhimmitudification.

  10. Anonymous12:58 AM

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