Mrs. Spitzer

Why do politicians force their spouse to stand around next to them on TV while they reveal humiliating circumstances about their lives? No one brings their spouse in to quit their privaqte sector job.


  1. I can't think of any examples just yet, but I think a humiliated CEO of a private company would indeed drag his wife into it. But would the public really care about a private sector dalliance?

    Spitzer's wife is not an idiot. She's a harvard trained lawyer, and she married a nouveau-riche boy from Riverdale. Didn't spitzee's dad have something like $500 million?

    She's not a bad looking woman. Most guys Spitzer's age would be so lucky... If she were a dog, or even fat, I bet she would have hid her face.

  2. Etienne10:05 PM

    I blame Tammy Wynette

  3. Anonymous1:09 AM

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