The Catholic Front of the Tenth Crusade

The Vatican threatens massive retaliation against any Islamist attack. Excerpt:

While the Islamist threat to the Vatican was widely publicized, less attention was paid to the Vatican response. Any attack on the person of the pope or Catholic holy sites would be met by “massive, disproportionate retaliation,” warned Monsignor Arcimboldo Bugiardo, Prefect of the Congregation for Armaments, speaking to this reporter behind one of the pillars of Bernini’s famed Colonnade, which surrounds St. Peter’s Square. “These people have no idea who they’re screwing with,” he said.

Msgr. Bugiardo would neither confirm nor deny widespread reports that the Vatican city-state has acquired an independent nuclear deterrent--purchased, sources suggest, from Eastern-rite Catholic Ukrainians in 1992, at the insistence of the hawkish Pope John Paul II. “I have nothing to say about that,” the priest said. “I am definitely not saying that under the right circumstances, the dome of St. Peter’s could open up like a missile silo. That is not what I’m saying,” he said.


  1. Is this a complete joke, like an Onion article?

    In any event, I certainly would not think it wise to assassinate the pope. A lot more people around the world would support retaliation for that, than if a political leader were killed.

  2. You really shouldn't have to ask such a question.

    And actually, I think the Pope would urge non-retaliation (at least against state targets), as long as the Vatican itself were not under threat of being literally taken over.

  3. Nonretallion has much stronger force if you indeed have the means to retalliate catastrophically. If I were a cardinal of the Curia, I would certainly urge the Pope to buy nuclear weapons, which he, of all persons, is certainly rich enough to do.

  4. Anonymous11:43 PM

    for one would be in favor of any form of retaliation against the extremist animals that kill innocent women and children in the name of a religion based on hatred and world domination.
    As long as we play by a differnt set of rules and values we will always be the victims, with our families and church at risk. Fighting back after a tragic event seems reactive not proactive.

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