If You Don't Pronounce Italian Badly, Like Me, I Will Correct You!

I was just reminded of a scene in Two for the Money where Matthew McConaughey correctly pronounces bruschetta as 'brusketa," and Al Pacino "corrects" him, and says "No, it's 'brusheta'!" I've gotten this in my neighborhood a number of times: "No, it's muhzarell!" or, "No, it's proshoot!"

If you want to pronounce Italian correctly, listen to the way Italian-Americans say a word, and then say something else. At least you'll have a shot at getting it right.


  1. Anonymous3:55 AM

    In restaurants, I never pronounce words. I simply point to the menu.

    If I pronounce an exotic word correctly, then I am a snob.

    If I pronounce an exotic word incorrectly, then I am a philistine.

    So all that is left to do, is say, "I'll have this one here, what you describe as an assortment of chicken, cheese, and tomatoes."


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