Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why Do I Keep Posting on the Philosophy of History?

I was having a hard time. I would post one thing, and Bob Murphy would agree with it, but Daniel Kuehn would abjure. I'd post another, and Silas would object, but Ryan would agree. Lord Keynes would like one post of mine on property rights, but Tom would hate the very same post. This was all very unsatisfactory.

But now, in my posts on the philosophy of history, I've found something to say about which every single one of my readers universally objects. I am in my milieu.


  1. Oh oh oh oh, I have got a Gene Callahan joke related to just this very post.

    A communist, a fascist, and a libertarian log into Willingdone Museyroom...and that is just the first guy!

  2. Actually, I don't think I object to anything you've said on the subject so far.

    I raised a question, and you answered it. I'm still mulling your answer, which at the very least means I don't consider it facially unreasonable.

    Of course, I suspect that if I don't object to something you say, you'll decide to re-examine it ;-)


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