Sunday, October 16, 2011

Now Step to the Right, Now Shake It to the Left

I mentioned a while back that I heard some people at a conference were puzzling over my "conservative turn." Well, yesterday at the Oakeshott conference someone approached me and said, "Ah, Gene, it was good to hear your voice from the left during the comments!"

Perhaps I am like a human Rorschach test.


  1. "A human Rorschach test?" You're really going places then ... in the past, I've heard it debated whether or not you're human at all ;-)

  2. The virtuous man is is seen as vicious by both the excessive and defective.

  3. Did you simply misunderstand? On which side of this individual were you seated?

  4. Amusing, rocksauce, but he wasn't talking about the seating arrangements.


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