You Know What Phrase I Hate?

"Our democracy."


  1. You mean you aren't willing to share?

  2. I like to call it MY democracy.

  3. "Gene's democracy," I think you meant to say.

  4. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I agree. It's just as revolting as "We the People"', another phrase invented by conniving liars to facilitate their subjugation of the gullible.

  5. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Nobody ever chose to be a part of the democracy, so your sentiment is correct.

    "Our" democracy makes it sound like they are not actually subjects of a system, and are rather the original builders of the system.

    It's the same as people who say, "We won" when a national athlete wins the Olympics. They didn't win anything. They weren't there. They didn't jump those very high hurdles.

  6. Well, that's not quite the way I was looking at it, bestquest, but welcome back.


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