It's Like They Think It Is Their Country!

Michele Bachmann is very upset the US troops are finally being withdrawn from Iraq; she feels it is outrageous that we are being "kicked out." Furthermore, we ought to get them to pay us... for invading their country and reducing it to chaos and rubble!

I want to make some sort of scathing comment, but words fail me.


  1. I heard some reporter paraphrasing the Pentagon's objections to the withdrawal. He said there was an official reason and a true reason. He said (of course paraphrasing but I'm not making it sound harsher than it was)

    Official reason: Iraqi forces right now have been trained as anti-insurgency; right now they don't have the ability to keep a foreign army from invading them.

    Real reason: We want to keep US troops there to make sure Iraqi democracy stays on track, and doesn't stray into authoritarianism.

    What's funny is, the NPR person interviewing the reporter didn't, say, spit out his water or guffaw. This was all taken in stride. The rest of the world should be honored to be bombed and occupied by US forces, so of our expectionalism might rub off on the rubes.

  2. Whoa that didn't come out right. Last phrase should be, " some of our exceptionalism might rub off on the rubes."


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