Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two Intelligent Philosophers Discuss God, and Then...


When two intelligent philosophers, one a theist and one an atheist, try to discuss the idea of God and naturalism intelligently, one of the atheist ideologues chimes in to chastise the atheist philosopher for even attempting the intelligent discussion.


  1. "Does he not know how relatively primitive neurobiology is right now?"

    The primitive holds promise. But the problem is that no material state, by itself and without more, implies the existence of subjective experience.

    "Curious that Nagel doesn’t propose what that alternative might be."

    Ahem. Non-theistic dualism (in any of its sundry flavors)? Russellian monism?

    1. But Coyne may, in fact, genuinely be ignorant of Aristotelianism, idealism, etc. It is a mark of the new atheists to see the only two alternatives as dogmatic materialism and fundamentalist, anti-science Christianity.


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