Friday, July 19, 2013

The superiority of Oakeshott over Hayek

Is clearly recognized by Siri: When I say "Oakeshott" she always gets the name right, But when I say "Hayek"she usually puts in "Hyatt."


  1. I did not know Siri was so well-read in philosophy.

    My interactions with her have been limited to telling her to "Go away" once, when I had pressed and held the home button on my iPad by mistake. She told me "Goodbye would be more polite."

    The robots are already getting uppity. I fear for the future.

  2. Try doing google image searches of first "oakeshott" and then "hayek" and tell me which is better.

  3. When I typed "Heidegger" in Word Perfect, the suggested replacement is "Headgear."

    I suppose his Nazism made him a good candidate for prosecution under "hat crime" legislation.


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