Can I Get a Witness?

Unless something changes, I will be testifying this Thursday before the Committee on Financial Services about the dollar and oil prices. Let's give them a few weeks to process my remarks, then another month to implement my recommendations...we're looking at a stable dollar and falling oil prices by November, I figure.

Now, when it's my turn to speak, would it be inappropriate if I looked at Barney Frank and said, "General, would you care to step outside?"


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Hey Bob,

    Ron Paul is on that committe. I think you need to do something dramatic to recognize the awarness of sound economics that he has brought to the nation.

  2. Sidney6:25 PM

    Re: Ron Paul

    I think what you need to bring up during testimony is that you didn't get much time to prepare because you were discussing with your fellow blogger Gene Callahan that his friend was not paid for art cover work by RP's friend Lew Rockwell.

    And that you would be more than happy to solve the energy crisis, if he could speak to Lew about the payment for the art work.

    Get it on the congressional record damnit!

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Are they inviting Silas to counter everything you say?

  4. Sometimes I wonder if this blog is worth the 4 - 6 hours per day I spend on it, but then you guys and make it all worth while.

  5. RW,

    I'm not sure if that would be appropriate. I have to keep my street cred with these politicians.

  6. Hey Bob, if the hearing is on C-SPAN (which I assume it is), I'll try to get you on YouTube, so use your 15 minutes of fame wisely :-)

  7. Hey Bob, when you were in grad school, did you dream of telling politicians the best way to manage financial markets?

    j/k, j/k, you're good, you're good. And congrats.

  8. Silas,

    I ran my MR comments through the hypocrisy meter before posting them. So far it's all right.

  9. Anonymous10:21 PM


    Congrats on speaking before Congess. I know you are busy, so I have prepared some introductory remarks you can deliver as your testimony.

    These remarks should be delivered in a strong voice. Good luck:


    Thank you for having me here to testify with regard to the rising price of oil. I know you have a busy schedule. You could be out having drinks with lobbyists, you could be getting a BJ from that new secretary you just hired, etc. I know your time is valuable and I am truly honored to get some of your attention even though your mind may be wandering with alternatives.

    Let me start by knocking down a few canards that exist among the general populous. The first being that the Arabs are holding oil off the markets. Respectfully sirs that can't be further from the truth. Have you ever seen a rag head try to pick up pussy? It ain't easy for these guys. They have to pay and pay big time. Further they are as horny as a hound dog who sniffs a female in heat. Trust me congressman, they have to pay up big to get laid and they do. Let's put it this way, if they stop pumping, they stop pumping, if you get my drift.

    As for speculators driving up the price, have you ever met these guys? 90% of them lose their money, within 12 months. The other 10% end up blowing their money on, well, pussy.

    Respectfully sirs, the problem is not speculators, it's not the Arabs, sirs it is Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. The man is spending too much time printing money. All this new money is driving up all kinds of prices. He needs to stop, but the man doesn't have a life. Frankly, it looks like he hasn't been laid in a long time. The answer, therefore, is pussy for the chairman.

    Thank you for your time sirs, I will not be taking follow up questions, my statement speaks for itself. I have another important meeting before I leave town. that I don't want to miss. I would appreciate it if one of you fellas point me towards the Mayflower Hotel.

  10. Go ahead and run the hypocrisy meter on your cap-and-trade op-ed, see what it gives you ;-)

  11. I find it amusing how Bob's postings have slowed as he prepares for his testimony.

  12. Anonymous10:17 PM

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