I Am in Physical Pain After Reading This Attack on Big Oil

My buddy at IER likes to ruin my day by sending me ridiculous op eds castigating oil companies. This one is pretty good. It concludes:

Left to their own devices, Big Oil companies will take every step necessary to funnel all the wealth that Lady Luck and American taxpayers have funneled into their bank accounts. It's time now to treat every American as a fiduciary to strike a just balance between private profit and public interest.

(Actually, rereading it now for this blog post, the first sentence above doesn't even make sense. Lady Luck and American taxpayers funnel wealth into the bank accounts of Big Oil, and then Big Oil is going to funnel it again? Why do that? And suppose they wrote checks out to every American citizen. Wouldn't this ostensibly responsible move still qualify as taking "every step necessary to funnel all the wealth that Lady Luck and..."?)


  1. John Petrie9:41 PM

    It is absurd how labeling an industry or a group of companies as "Big Capital-Letter" something immediately classifies them as evil, greedy, and heartless. Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma. Maybe some bloggers should start referring to the LRC/Mises crowd as Big Anarchy and sour the public's opinion of you that way.

  2. I hope you took note of the author. He is a kennedy; a public servant.

  3. Silas2:32 PM

    Physical pain after reading someone's economic analysis of oil ... hm ... now, I know I've had that feeling before, but I just can't remember when...

  4. At this point Silas you don't even pass the Turing test.

    10 PRINT "Bob is a bad economist."
    20 GOTO 10
    30 END

  5. Dr. Murray Tyson12:19 AM

    LOL!! LOL!!

    But, given what most economists view as reality, you are a GENIUS, even given your minor flaws.

    And next to Callahan you would be Einstein if you had some hair on the top of your head.

  6. Bob, Iam way out of league here but wouldn't 30 in your program read either:

    "REPEAT" or "LOOP"

  7. Anonymous12:42 AM

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