Where's that Razor When You Need It?

I was browsing some books at a bookshop the other day and came across one arguing how the discovery of a world governed by scientific laws refuted the proposition that there was a supernatural deity involved in any way. This struck me as funny because, basically to a man, the people discovering those laws, from about 1600 until well into the 19th century, saw the laws they were finding as testimony to the glory of God (and, as such, evidence for His existence).

There is a problem for materialist here, of course -- why should the universe be a place that supports creatures like us and is governed by laws we are capable of grasping? One of the latest materialist attempts to explain this posits that a multitude of universes of all different characters exist, and we just happen to be in a law-governed, life-supporting instance. So let me see: In place of explaining these things by means of a single, unobservable entity, we are going to explain them by billions and billions of unobservable entities!

Calling Occam, calling Occam!


  1. It's hard to put a label on you, Callahan! Just when the atheist an-caps are rooting for you scurrilous attacks on LRC, you go and write something like this...

  2. Dr. Murray Tyson12:21 AM

    Yeah, Gene real great job. I think you should submit this to LRC.


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