I Have a T-Boone to Pick, Too

A good friend of mine is from one of those Caribbean islands where there is a rough balance of Europeans and non-Europeans -- thus, the accent from that island is ambiguous. Furthermore, my friend got a lot of Western education -- so his "West Indian" accent is very mild. He got a job at an investment bank, where he became T. Boone Pickens favorite broker -- totally over the phone. At some point, Pickens asked to have my friend come to a (meeting/conference/road show) Pickens was going to be at. My friend tried to opt out, sensing what would occur. But his bosses insisted he come, and, when Pickens saw my friend was black, he immediately declared he would never do business with him again. (And note -- my friend had been doing such a good job for Pickens that, not knowing my friend's skin color, he had chosen him as his main broker!)


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Jeez, Gene,

    I don't know why you hold back.

    I don't need coffee in the morning anymore. I just hope you have a post up.

  2. Gene,

    If our traffic drops, we'll know a lot of our readers were racists who don't want to hang out with a guy who has black friends.

  3. Sidney9:58 AM

    Ah, good point Bob,

    Gene just wants to see if Lew Rockwell is going to come to your site more or less, now.

  4. Have you introduced your friend to Herr Hoppe yet?

  5. What is this I hear about Lew Rockwell? Please explain in great detail, over many many posts.

  6. Uh oh; looks like I might be hanging around with the wrong types here!

    Gene, did you catch the news on Picken's water plan?


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