Mises University 2008

It's an all-star cast this year, folks, featuring such giants of Rothbardian thought as Hans Hoppe, Joe Salerno, and Guido Hulsmann. There are also big tent wussies like Roderick Long, Roger Garrison, and yours truly.

Seriously, this is the most heavily attended Mises U yet; I think they said there are 190+ students here. And even though I'm getting over a cold, I hope on Monday night to initiate the first annual Mises University Karaoke Outing at the bar down the street.

Who will win the coveted $2,500 Doug French scholarship at the end of the week? I expect that my former student* Gennady Stolyarov II will at least place.

*Mises U faculty don't judge their former students. I.e. we make sure that students who opt for the competition get evaluated (at least in the early rounds when it is possible) by other professors who don't know them. This is serious stuff here. You don't administer the Mündliche Prüfung casually. (And yes I just copied and pasted that. I tried to say it once but it brought up too much phlegm.)


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Why do you consider yourself less Rothbardian than Hoppe, Salerno and Hulsmann?

  2. Oh it was 99% a joke. But e.g. I don't agree with the Rothbardian view on fractional reserve banking.

  3. Anonymous2:51 AM

    That's interesting because I thought of asking you about fractional reserves when you were taking requests for topics. Do you disagree with the view that FRB is inherently fraudulent, or do you also think FRB is beneficial to economic growth?

  4. This is such a nice blog. Why ruin it with a discussion of FRB?

  5. Jeff,

    We ruined this blog long ago...

  6. Anon,

    Jeff is probably right that it's not worth getting into a huge discussion here. I think it is possible for there to be FRB in a libertarian society, so some of the stronger claims on this (that it's two property titles to the same thing, etc.) I think are wrong.

    But it may very well be true that FRB wouldn't be profitable without gov't measures propping it up.

    I think there would probably be 100% reserves with gold as money in the first few years after an-cap hysteria swept the region. It's possible some type of Hayekian private fiat currencies would develop, but even there I doubt they would supplant the general public's view that gold was money.

  7. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I hear Gene will be making a special guest appearance lecturing on "The Economics of Negotiating Book Royalties"

  8. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Gennady would surely deserve it, he was great on 'applying liberty' in asking questions & making remarks.

    Anyway; no more FRB on this blog. We get that enough in our every day lives - unfortunatly.

  9. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Dr. Murphy, you are 7 years too late on the "First Annual Mises University Karaoke Outing."

  10. Anonymous11:44 PM

    If Mr. Stolyarov places I hope it is because his grasp of austrian economics is far superior to his ability for film criticism as that article was one of the worst I have read.

  11. Wait, is Jeffrey Tucker serious? What on earth is wrong with discussing fractional reserve banking? That was one of my major disagreements when I attended Mises U a few years ago.

  12. The anti-FRB position is so obviously full of holes that Jeff prefers it not to be discussed at all. He would do the same thing on the Mises List -- as soon as this discussion would come up, he would stop it, and say, "This issue is to deep to be settled on a mailing list." But discussion was allowed on other issues just as deep.

  13. Anonymous5:17 PM

    "If Mr. Stolyarov places I hope it is because his grasp of austrian economics is far superior to his ability for film criticism as that article was one of the worst I have read."

    His philsophizing and "physics" are pretty gosh darn awful as well.

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