Smaller Gov't is Only Solution to [California] Budget Crisis

Nothing too radical here, but hey maybe you don't want to start your work and need an excuse...


  1. I found one error:

    Robert P. Murphy is a fellow at the Pacific Research Institute. Contact him at

    should read:

    Robert P. Murphy is a fellow at the Pacific Research Institute. Contact him at unless your name is Silas Barta.


  2. Well let's be accurate:

    ...unless your name is Silas Barta and you want him to admit cap-and-trade is a market solution to AGW.

    And actually, even that isn't right; you can contact me. I just won't respond.

  3. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Solid stuff.

    See if this will help you get a raise.

  4. Cool, thanks. Hey, how much does the right wing war machine pay you for those anti-Obama ads? Maybe we should get some of those, and slot machines too.

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