I'm No Mac Daddy

I don't care what you people say... My wife got an iMac a few years ago, and I have never liked it. It freezes up more than my computer, and that's saying a lot. And my wife gets frustrated all the time by it, too. It's true, you don't have to crash the iMac as much as my Vista piece of garbage, but it freezes up a lot. Mercy upon you, if you actually are trying to do something that involves the internet and, say, Excel. Bring a good book because you're going to do a lot of waiting around.


  1. I also dislike Macs but for different reasons. Basically, I've run into some pretty inexcusable interface decisions and mishaps, and then gotten bug-eyed at the fanboys' attempts to rationalize it all way. (Their mental gymnastics defy even the stuff I've seen from Bob... j/k j/k you're good you're good)

    Off the top of my head:

    -In the Mail client, while hopelessly searching for the cause of the darkening of the backgrounds, I opened the Rules window, and because of all the entries, I a) couldn't choose the close option, b) couldn't move the window to access the close option, c) couldn't minimize the program because it counted it as being a mandatory options window. I had to look up how to hide the dock in order to get out.

    -Maybe 1 in 10 times the help feature finds what I need.

    -To extract stills from a video you've made you have to first add a pointless clip containing that still to the video, which you just have to delete it. God help you if it's from a completed project, because iMovie will impolitely warn you how the worlds going to end because your uploaded video has been modified (even though it hasn't -- you took the still clip right back out).

    -You can't use the standard uploading interface on e.g. photobucket.

    -iPhoto hijacks your pictures -- one time I had to upload to the internet straight from the flash card just to get it online!

    I even made a video but I don't want the youtube account connected with me.

  2. Person/John Sharp/Silas, why would you use the Mail client? Everyone should use gmail.

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