Oh Boy!

Over at the LRC blog, Lew Rockwell writes: "On cable TV this morning, the AP investigation finding drugs in drinking water got a lot of attention. No one mentioned, needless to say, that these water systems are all owned and run by government."

1) One might think, just reading the above, that it has been found that the government is putting drugs in the water supply. Nope, people take the drugs and piss the unabsorbed residue into the water supply.

2) Maybe one reason "no one mentioned" that the water systems are all "owned and operated" by the government is that they aren't? There are many private suppliers of water, and the very AP article Rockwell cites makes it clear that the drugs are in their water as well. (See the mention of "major California suppliers.")

3) Given that the drugs are arriving in the water from our urine, they surely would show up in well water samples as well -- the AP just isn't testing those.

Next up at LRC: "Government shown to be cause of inclement weather."


  1. OK Gene, I'm not trying to start a fight here. But Rockwell said these water systems. Are you claiming that there are communities in California that are serviced by basically free market water utilities? (Maybe you are; I don't know.)

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Hey Bob, you didn't know that when Gene runs out of things to write about, he can always slam Rockwell or Rothbard. What is funny is that if it were not for LR.com I would never have heard of this blog!

  3. Yeah but if it weren't for Al Gore you wouldn't have found LRC.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I have never, ever run out of things to write about. I have only ever run out of time to write about them.

  5. Oh, and if not for me (for instance, having the #2 political editorial on the web in 2006 according to Digg) many people would never have heard of LRC.

    I am now atoning for my sin.

  6. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Mr. Callahan, I believe factual and theoretical criticism of the truth-seeking kind and a free range of discussion to be not merely desirable but essential to intellectual integrity. With that in mind; don't you ever become an Ex. Exes of the kind I mean to say are the most pathetic wretches in the world. If Rockwell or one of his gang of writers (or anyone, for that matter) is wrong, fine, correct them. But don't make it a pathological thing. It could become, in a fashion, a consuming obsession. I'm not saying you have, but that it looks to me like it could go that way. I hope it does not. If the day should come, I don't know as I'll have the strength to tell you what's happened, as I'll be forced to face that fact to do so, and I think it would be far too painful.

  7. "With that in mind; don't you ever become an Ex. Exes of the kind I mean to say are the most pathetic wretches in the world."

    I understand, Brian, but your fears are misplaced -- I was never a pre-ex, so I can't become an ex. I stumbled into being associated with LVMI/LRC by accident, and have been saying these exact sort of things in private to folks there ever since. You (and others readers) just never were aware of this.

  8. Anonymous8:32 PM

    169 columns at LRC over seven years, counting ones co-authored with Stu Morgenstern.

    51 articles at LvMI (not counting co-authored ones, I think, unless I miscounted besides) over that same stretch. (52 counting the one that Wolfe replied to, now listed under "Ellen Frankel Paul")

    Mr. Callahan, I wonder; why, if you thought then as you do now, did you continue such a long association? It makes little good sense to me.

  9. I was working for internal reform. The slandering of Sanchez and Weigel convinced me I had failed.

  10. In a lot of ways, the LRC crowd have improved. I think mostly because the Bush administration has broken all but the most naive of the silly notion that the cause of liberty and 'The Right' were ever linked by anything more than an alliance of convenience - one whose time is up, mostly due to the continued evolution of The Right into a living parody of itself.

    But the freaky clannishness is still there, and still as ugly as ever.

  11. Anonymous10:56 PM

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