Friday, July 06, 2012

The Internet Is Such a Strange Place

Our friend Jim Henley posts a comment at one blog, and it becomes essentially a guest post at Brad DeLong's blog. It's a good comment, by the way, but what really struck me is how strange the blogosphere is: it's as though you wrote a letter to the editor of a paper one day, and the next day it is a feature article in another paper.

PS: By the way, is there a busier person out there than DeLong? I sometimes agree with him, sometimes sharply disagree, but I can't help but admire his energy. After all, he has a full-time academic job, and yet all I have to do is mention his name in this little by-water of the great blog sea, and he shows up here five minutes later ordering me to use the strike-through tag on my whole post!


  1. I really enjoyed the (probably unintentionally) thuggish tone Dr. DeLong used in his comments around here.

    1. Oh my, Gabe, *that* remark is sure to prompt an order of a strike-through!

    2. I think Brad would kind enjoy it if someone accused him of "Chicago-style blog-thuggery."

  2. Energy without ability is a dangerous thing. Like Judge Posner, DeLong has far more of the former than the latter; and he does not serve his readers well by passing on drivel like this.


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