Saturday, October 06, 2012

Over Enthusiasm

Thoreau asks: "I mean, have you ever met somebody who’s so into healthy and environmentally conscious eating that you just want to stuff your face with bacon cheeseburgers after talking to them?"

Wabulon and I did, once upon a time. We spent a couple of hours listening to his preachy environmentalism and food sanctimoniousness. Then, it was time for dinner.

"Where shall we go?" our (corporate) guest asked.

I thought for a second: "Hey, what about that new endangered-species restaurant?"

Wabulon picked right up on it: "Ah, you mean the one that serves that delicious hummingbird tongue pie?" He turned to address our guest directly. "It takes several thousand hummingbird tongues to make one pie!"

He looked horrified. "What do they do with the rest of the bird?"

"Oh, they just throw it away."

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