The TV Weathermen Tick Me Off with This One

They are always hectoring listeners to "Stay inside unless you absolutely need to be out."  But, as Sullivan notes, you know who doesn't "absolutely need to be out?" Them! You could tell the conditions outside just fine from the doorway of a building, and be a lot safer. They are out there for ratings.


  1. To be fair, they absolutely need ratings . . .

  2. If a TV Weatherman didn't go do outside reporting during a major storm when asked, he would probably lose his job. So he does absolutely need to be out there.

  3. I fully understand their motivations, and don't even blame them for going out. It's just a bit rich for them to then lecture us on not going out unless we "need" to: Maybe we "need" photos for twitter the same way they "need" ratings.

  4. Last night, I heard a TV weatherman giving very sound advice to the millions of people who are currently without electricity.

    Guess it never occurred to him that TVs run on, um, electricity.


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