Why Doesn't Clinton Have Obama Killed?

If only to assure Crash Landing's readers that we're not naive wusses on this cutting edge blog, I feel compelled to ask: Why doesn't Hillary Clinton arrange to have Obama killed? Is it that she can't?

With all of her and her husband's connections, can't they cut a deal with the Chinese government to have some dissident on death row come to an Obama rally, in exchange for favorable treatment of the guy's family back home?

So what's holding her back?

(1) It's certainly not moral qualms. If she genuinely believes she will save millions of lives around the world with her superior policies, and she clearly has no respect for abstract ethical principles, then why not sacrifice one person for the greater good?

(2) She wouldn't get hurt politically. It would be so brazen and obvious that "serious" media analysts wouldn't be speculating, "Do you think Clinton was behind the assassination?" The fact that Clinton had basically predicted it would be taken as further proof that she couldn't possibly be behind it. Her fellow Democratic politicians would suspect her, of course, but they wouldn't made a public scene with only months before the general election. Instead, they'd blame it on racist Americans who couldn't stand the thought of a black man in the White House, and use the public emotion to ensure a "deserved" Democratic win in November. Then maybe behind the scenes they'd deal with Clinton, to the extent they could. But they would probably be impressed/intimidated more than repulsed by her bold move.

(3) Maybe Clinton figures it is more prudent to wait another 4 to 8 years. If McCain wins, she's golden for the nomination in 4.

(4) My personal favorite: Suppose when you're at that level of power and intrigue, you have to get permission for a hit like that? I don't pretend to know exactly whose blessing you need, but I do know it's not the president of the United States.


  1. Sidney7:52 AM

    Please do let us know your impressions of your upcoming Secret Service interrogation.

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