Association Football Amongst the Hipsters

Now, I've got nothing against association football (soccer). Hey, I spent a fair amount of time in pubs in the UK, so I had to get into it. I realized that what I had to do was adjust my mindset.

The typical American watches soccer and thinks, "What the hey? These guys hardly ever score! And the crowd seems to get frenzied simply at a shot on goal."

Well, if you are a parent, the solution to this puzzlement is easy: pretend you are at your eight-year-old's basketball game. If anyone even gets a shot off, everyone is very excited. If they actually get their shot near the rim, there are wild applause. And a basket pretty much means "Game over."

That's soccer. OK? Once you take that mindset, you can enjoy the game.

However, it still puzzles me how Brooklyn hipsters who would disdain American football attentively watch Premiership games. I guess they are just in love with all things European... oh, wait, so am I.

OK, OK, I should just admit I am an over-aged hipster. Forget the whole post.


  1. Hipster is just someone who tries to be different.

    You ARE different by nature. You don't try.

    I mean, you speak Italian, are absorbed into Italy until you become Italian by second nature, you actually investigated your Irish roots unlike a lot of pretend Irish Americans, and so on. Most of all, you dissented against consensus by becoming libertarian, but then dissented against libertarian consensus and ceased to be one.

    If you were a hipster, you would merely namedrop Italian and Irish related facts now and then, and used libertarianism merely to act how you are above politics.

    1. Well, Prateek, thanks for the affirmation. As a hipster, I dig such things.


  2. Oddly, if you go to an eight-year olds soccer game you get scores that look more like basketball games

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    "I should just admit I am an over-aged hipster"

    None of those are things that I didn't already know, but it's nice to see admission. :)

  4. Judging by your photo you cannot be MUCH over age. Fetz is clearly underage.


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