Wow, Sensible Discussion of Gun Control!

Sullivan lists some sensible possibilities. (I'm not sure they are good ideas, but they strike me as plausibly good ideas!) And here is a very good quote from David Frum:

"When thinking about gun measures and mental health measures, the right question to ask isn't: will such-and-such a measure prevent all killings? The right question is: will it contribute to reducing the number of killings as we have previously successfully reduced automobile fatalities?"

This is a nice contrast to the dream-world commenter at Rod Dreher's blog, who, in response to Dreher's rather truistic comment that it is not possible to create a world in events like Sandy Hook can't happen, responds, "That’s hardly a reason not to try."

Right, that it is impossible for a human being to jump to the moon using only their muscle power is "hardly a reason not to try"!

It's this sort of mad thinking that drives ventures like the "Drug Free America Foundation." Look, you nut jobs, America is not going to be "drug free," ever, never, ever. And shooting for impossible goals does huge damage: for one, it diverts all sorts of resources from really achievable goals, like those that the "America in Which Drugs Do Less Damage Foundation" might shoot for.


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