Might as Well Face It, You're Addicted to...


I left my house to go to the Y without my phone (on purpose). I got about half a block away, and wanted to check my e-mail. Wow, I didn't have my phone!

When I realized how weird that felt, the first thing I wanted to do was... to write a blog post about it. For which I needed... my phone.

Ah! Now the weirdness had doubled down. Oh boy, I really had to talk to someone about this. For which I needed... my phone.

Oh boy. The only thing that might relieve my mounting sense of panic would be a nice game of Angry Birds!


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    You certainly aren't helping the case that you're an enlightened philosopher with this one, Gene.

    1. Joseph, I have claimed to be a philosopher, but... enlightened?!

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Okay, I agree. ;)

      I'll be honest, it really does strike me as odd how people are addicted to their phones, so much so that I am sure that it qualifies as some sort of mental condition. I cannot meet two people before I see one of them (usually both of them) constantly with their eyes and fingers on their phone. Just as you did, I grew up without having a phone around at all times. In fact, I'm the "weirdo" because I rarely even carry my phone. You should see the shock on people's faces when I say, "sorry, I don't have my phone on me right now".

      The other thing that I've noticed is that people's phones often take precedence over real human interaction. For instance, how many times have you been in or seen a conversation where somebody rudely picks up their phone as soon as it makes a sound, without excusing themselves or at least pausing the conversation? I see this all of the time. So, I now play the same game.

      If I ever have somebody do this to me (rudely pick up their phone in the middle of a conversation), I remember the occasion. Then, at some future date, when that person is talking to me about something that they feel is important, I simply walk away right in the middle of the conversation. They get really mad, but who cares? It's hilarious to me, because it is analogous to what they did, yet they don't even realize it.


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