Eek, That Was Embarrassing!

Two days after re-listening to Susan Boyle sing "I Deamed a Dream," I got to "enjoy" hearing Anne Hathaway performing it from the movie soundtrack. Apparently the idea was that histrionic acting might work as a substitute for singing ability.


  1. She was vastly better than Crowe or Jackman. Not intended as high praise! A very disappointing movie, I think the music got second rate treatment: marquee names over you know singers.

  2. Gene is the Javert of the blogosphere.

    1. Javert, who never changes his mind? The Javert who, once he writes a book, sticks to it forever? That Javert?

  3. Actually, having heard Bob do karaoke, and Russell Crowe do the movie, maybe Bob is the Javert ...


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