Whoa-oh, Halfway There...

My efforts to learn Italian are paying off: I was driving to work today, and a flock of dinosaur-descended winged creatures flew past my windshield. My first articulate thought was "gli uccelli."

Yes! There was no translation at all, I simply named the critters in Italian first. Still a long way to go, but I finally feel I will reach the finish line.


  1. I need to get back to my French and German. But I can still remember the fun of getting the jokes in the language for the first time. I'll still have an accent no matter waht I do, and mess up grammar, especially geneder, but I felt like I could actually communicate and understand in the language.

  2. On the road to learning a language, there is no finish line. But it's safe to say, you've rounded the corner. [/cheesy line]


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