Hurray, Thoreau!

Not against all sensible gun control, but against destructive nonsense passed in the emotional wake of a horrible event. (I deliberately refuse to use "tragedy" in reference to any event like Sandy Hook, because the word has its own meaning that is diluted by using it for every single happening we don't like.)

In particular, pro-gun-control progressives, how will we make sure that new laws passed are not assaults on the civil rights of our already-most-assaulted demographic, poor, young black males?


  1. Banning handgun bans are the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. How would the federal and state governments be able to confiscate all the handguns that are already in existence in this country and that people already own and not infringe upon their civil liberties? How would they stop in the inflow of illegal guns from elsewhere and shut down the black market for them? If this handgun ban were to be passed as a law, there will be a lot of unintended consequences that these idiots didn't think quite through. This would potentially cost the government a lot of money and the taxpayer as well along with many other groups of people already living in poverty. These people have a problem with the NRA proposing increased security and armed guards at schools and how much those would cost but have no problem proposing a 'crazier' idea like this and those costly TARP bailouts. I smell hypocrisy here.


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